Join My Blog Tour for The Alpha Nanny!

Starting on August 30th and ending September 30,  I will be featured in various blogs for the release of The Alpha Nanny. And while, the amazing host, Silver Dagger Book Tours will be organizing the majority of the bloggers, I've received a media packet to post on my blog to promote to other bloggers who would like to contribute to the blog tour that month. Signups are easy.

Simply click on the link here.Fill out the required information, including blog name and date when you will be posting the post. Sliver Dagger will reach out to you, and include a media packet containing, book covers, excerpts, author bios, guest posts, and a paperback giveaway. 
There is also an incentive on signing up too! All entries will be signed up for a monthly giveaway contest that she runs. Plus if the blogger includes a review with their blog posting, they will win a $20 Paypal giftcard.

The Alpha Nanny Ebook is Now On Sale!

The Alpha Nanny Ebook is now on Sale!
Over the last two weeks, I've been distracted with writing weekly journals that I've forgotten to include an official preorder blog post! I'm not sure where the time has gone, but as they say, there's no time like the present. So without further ado... The Alpha Nanny is on sale! Preorders have started, and already, I'm off to a great start, gaining a couple of orders on the first day. Be the first to read my first contemporary romance and my second overall novel. I'm very excited for this book release. It was a joy writing this book. If you're a fan of my writing, then you'll enjoy it too. Don't wait. Order it today, and when you wake up on August 30th, you'll have a romantic second chance novel waiting to be downloaded onto your kindle. Click the responding link below to order.

Writing Journal- Should I Stay or Should I Go 8/1/2019

Over the last week, I've been working on promoting The Alpha Nanny and working on The Alpha Experience, as I've been writing, I've had this idea. It's been there for the last week. Part of me believes it's from the recent Star Wars marathon that I had. As I've watched endless lightsaber fights and starship battles, I remembered my first ever draft. It was a sci-fi military novel. It never was finished as I decided to go a different direction, but overtime, I've realized that, I really want to finish it. 
The problem is that I'm a romance writer, not a sci-fi writer. While this book will have romance, this will not be the main focus, in fact it will far from it. I'm still toying with the idea of how I'm going to publish it. Part of me wants to just use my pen name, but the other believes that I should create a new pen name. I'm leaning to just publishing under Remy Marie. I've created a great platform, with this pen name, and it would be e…

The Writing Journal- It's All About the Alpha's 07/25/2019

As the title says, all of my updates are all about books in The Alpha Series! Sorry fans of the Lucky and Moonhunter series! Your time to shine is on the horizon!  The Alpha Nanny Update So, what did you think of the new cover? I personally love it. It really blends well together. Plus the pink really makes the book pop. In other news, I've finished my final edits for The Alpha Nanny and have submitted them to Amazon for approval. I will be posting the preorder link once the book is approved, but the date stands as August 30th.  
I've also downloaded the MOBI file. For any readers or reviewers who would like a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review please let me know. While it's not mandatory to submit a review, all reviewers who send me a screenshot of their review will get a signed paperback copy of The Alpha Nanny for free from me. If you would like to sign up for the ARC program please e-mail me at  The Alpha Experience Update I…

Cover Reveal for The Alpha Nanny

Here it is! The official cover for The Alpha Nanny! What do you think?

In celebration of the cover release, I also created this video, in which I've shared over social media, including YouTube. Please enjoy!

The Writing Journal- What Was My Word Count Again? - 7/17/2019

Hello again! Last week's journal was very popular! Popular in the sense that I've doubled the amount of views of my normal postings, from eight to sixteen. That isn't too bad, right? So in honor of the increase readers, I'am sharing my journey through writing again.

As you can see from the meme above, writing is SO HARD! By me sprinting through Mohinder's Wrath last week, I thought that I was some invincible writing god able to write at untold speeds. It turns out, that there is this little thing called life and it decided to get in the way this weekend.

Last Saturday, we moved into our new home. This is my first time owning a home, and let me tell you, I'm already tired. Between taking care of my child, cleaning, unpacking, and yard work, it took a full weekend. Yeah that's right yard work. I haven't had to work in the yard since I was sixteen, I forgot how hot it gets. Ugh! I haven't had much time to write because of this. In addition to Saturday…

A New Hope: Writing Journal 7/11/2019

Hello and thank you for reading my new series titled My Writing Journal. This week's theme is, A New Hope.

So, what is this journal about? Here I will discuss what I’ve been up to in my writing career. I will discuss current WIPs, word counts, editing goals, and other items as well.

Mohinder’s Wrath/Moonhunters Update

Starting off let’s talk about the biggest news of the post. I’ve finished Mohinder’s Wrath!

After 20 months, 35 chapters, 126 pages, and 82,382 words, I am finally finished with the rough draft of #mohinderswrath. I’ll tell you what it was a journey writing this monster. Upon several occasions, I felt like quitting and ditching the #Moonhunters series entirely. — Remy Marie (@remymarieauthor) July 10, 2019

I can’t believe that I’ve finished this draft. There were so many times that I’ve wanted to give up, but in the last two weeks, I pushed through and finished the damn thing. While there is a TON of editing that needs to completed, the dam…