Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! With Christmas coming around the corner, I'd like to offer something to all of my followers! For this month only sign up for my massive paperback giveaway! This includes all of novels, The Date Lottery, The Alpha Nanny, Blurred Lines, Moonhunters: The Complete Series, and An Eastcliff University Romance! Raffle starts Dec. 2nd and ends Dec. 24th on Christmas Eve! Click the link below abd follow the instructions to enter. You must have a Twitter account to enter.

The Alpha Nanny Free 6/25-6/29

Click here to read! For this weekend only, enjoy reading my favorite work, The Alpha Nanny for free! This incredible heartwarming story will be available for download until June 29th.  For those who don’t know, here’s the blurb: She needs money. He masks his pain. Life gives them a second chance, but reality may tear them apart. Deena Zheng is in over her head. With her father’s mounting medical bills, a townhome in disrepair, and more stress than one person should bear, she does all that she can do to stay afloat. Out of options and desperate to pull her family out of the red, she must get out of her comfort zone and accept a nanny position with her firm’s notoriously impossible client or risk her family’s livelihood. Jesse Grant struggles to get past his grief after losing the love of his life. Ever since her death, the billionaire hedge fund manager has used alcohol to mask his pain and, in the process, lost a part of himself. With a young son to raise and a business to run, he must

New Blogger Format

I really love the new Blogger format. It’s so mobile friendly! Hopefully with this new format, I’ll be able to post more often. I’m not sure what I’m going to post about. I’ll probably just stick to promotional items. 

New Giveaway

  I have a new Giveaway! Check it out on my Giveaway page. It ends June 30,2020. Check it out! 

Where Have I Been the Last Six Months

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted something. So where have I been? I've been enjoying the life of being a father of course! As a first time father, I'm learning the ins and outs of time management! So if your looking for regular postings, you've came to the wrong site. Lol Anyways, as some of you might have guessed, the reason why I'm posting is that I've started writing again! Yay! Working on one of my stories that's been in the gutter for some time. For my Wattpad followers, you might see the books for the Moonhunter series taken off. I plan on putting these back onto Kindle Unlimited. I know I didn't finish posting Mohinder's Wrath, but I barely received any reads! So I figured might as well get paid for that hard work. Going to be editing it and publishing it hopefully this year! Well that's all folks. Hopefully I'll write more blogs later. Trying not to wait another six months for a new posting. Lol See you soon.

Looking for an Editor?

If you looking for a great editor, you should request the assistant of Kimberly Hunt! She's runs Revision Division and is a great editor! She helped me out with The Alpha Nanny, and as you can tell with the 4.5 rating, she knows her stuff. If you need your manuscript edited or a beta reader, be sure to contact her! Here's her contact information: Website: Twitter: @RevisionDiv E-mail:

Mohinder’s Wrath is Live

Mohinder’s Wrath is now uploaded onto Wattpad! You can read the first chapter here . I want to post news chapters each weekend. My main goals for posting on Wattpad is to get feedback on how to make the Moonhunters series better and to gain new followers. If you’re not on Wattpad, you should join. It’s an international reading platform that’s free to read. They have apps for Android and IOS so you can read the stories on your phone or tablet. If you decide to join, please add me as a friend to get updates on when I post new stories.