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New Guest Giveaway: Blue Vision

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Here is the official synopsis:
An undeniable connection. A dangerous secret.

Brooke Sanders just wants to get away from her life for a while. A remote cabin in Montana fits the bill. She doesn’t expect to encounter a mysterious stranger with unusual blue eyes, or events that cannot be explained…

Colin Fielding is on a mission – scout a planet and return home to Endhivar. Simple really. What he doesn’t anticipate is that fate has a pretty twisted sense of humor. Suddenly, this human calls to him, every part of him, like the call of a true mate, and he can’t deny the connection as he gets closer to her.

Little do they know, someone is out to do them harm, as well as the world Brooke holds so dear. Can they stop what’s coming before it’s too late? Or will the universe lose a perfect gem? 

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Blue Vision Book Review: Come for the Romance Not the Sci-Fi

Book Review:

I’m giving Blue Visions three out of five stars. This was my first time reading a science fiction romance. When I first opened the book, I imagined stunning worlds far off from our own, new creative aliens and an adventure that would take me out of my kindle and into the captain’s chair. While Marie Lavender managed to check some of the boxes, I found she was lacking in other areas. I found myself reading the novel and questioning when was the science fiction going to be introduced? Yes, the main character was a blue alien, called an Endhivarian with physic powers, and he came from a different world, Endhivar, but the story was heavily focused on the relationship of Colin and Brooke. I had way too many questions about Colin’s race and was disappointed, they were never answered. My disappointment grew more in the third act when many of the subplots to Colin’s home world were destroyed. I was hoping at some point story would shift and focus more on Colin’s mission, but I fe…

Book Review: Breakaway: A friend to lovers romance

(From Amazon Site)
Book Blurb:
I fell in love with my best friend but he didn't love me back.
Sounds like a cheesy line from a country song, right? Too bad it's the story of my life.
I thought that I’d moved on, swore he was the one.
But that facade began to fade in the flash of a half-carat diamond ring.
Now years later, here I am, running back to the boy who broke my adolescent heart, hoping that just maybe, he’ll be the one to piece it back together.
I fell in love with my best friend while she fell in love with him.
Ironically, it was my own damn fault. I practically served her up on a silver platter.
So I turned to my second love, basketball, moving across the country to escape.
For years, I’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching, waiting.

Now it's time to make my move.
No more fouling out.
This time, I'm going to score
Review Breakaway is the third title from author Heather M. Orgeron, and let me tell you I just became a fan of hers. I found this book to be well writt…