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A Character Interview with Trini from JASON’S AWAKENING plus a conversation with author Remy Marie! (Guest Post)

Recently... aka about four weeks ago, I published a guest post about my favorite character Trini Davos from my debut novel Jason's Awakening. I've been so busy with writing and reading I forgot to include the guest post on my own blog! Anyways, I thought the I Love Romance Blog did a great job on the posting, and I think all of my followers should take a look at it when you get a chance!

Character Interview

Heartbreaker Review


I loved this book, and I am giving five out of five stars. It's another quick read, (even though it took me a month to read it. No joke, I was super busy this month!) which is a big plus for fans of the weekend read. I enjoyed both the hero and heroine. From the beginning, I  liked Cat. Her personality was relatable. She's a hard working single mom who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Booker took some time to understand. My notes even say he's beginning huge tool! However, after a big twist towards the end, I was shocked. I learned why his character was the way he was, which made me fall for his character even more.

This romance trope isn't new, guy is jerk to girl, then the couple falls for each other. However, the interesting twist is that the hero is actually intentionally being a jerk. He runs a website call the Heartbreaker, where he is paid to be a pig to the woman, then the guy who paid him can come in and be the hero. Hmmm, I think I've seen this …