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The Writing Journal- What Was My Word Count Again? - 7/17/2019

Hello again! Last week's journal was very popular! Popular in the sense that I've doubled the amount of views of my normal postings, from eight to sixteen. That isn't too bad, right? So in honor of the increase readers, I'am sharing my journey through writing again.

As you can see from the meme above, writing is SO HARD! By me sprinting through Mohinder's Wrath last week, I thought that I was some invincible writing god able to write at untold speeds. It turns out, that there is this little thing called life and it decided to get in the way this weekend.

Last Saturday, we moved into our new home. This is my first time owning a home, and let me tell you, I'm already tired. Between taking care of my child, cleaning, unpacking, and yard work, it took a full weekend. Yeah that's right yard work. I haven't had to work in the yard since I was sixteen, I forgot how hot it gets. Ugh! I haven't had much time to write because of this. In addition to Saturday…

A New Hope: Writing Journal 7/11/2019

Hello and thank you for reading my new series titled My Writing Journal. This week's theme is, A New Hope.

So, what is this journal about? Here I will discuss what I’ve been up to in my writing career. I will discuss current WIPs, word counts, editing goals, and other items as well.

Mohinder’s Wrath/Moonhunters Update

Starting off let’s talk about the biggest news of the post. I’ve finished Mohinder’s Wrath!

After 20 months, 35 chapters, 126 pages, and 82,382 words, I am finally finished with the rough draft of #mohinderswrath. I’ll tell you what it was a journey writing this monster. Upon several occasions, I felt like quitting and ditching the #Moonhunters series entirely. — Remy Marie (@remymarieauthor) July 10, 2019

I can’t believe that I’ve finished this draft. There were so many times that I’ve wanted to give up, but in the last two weeks, I pushed through and finished the damn thing. While there is a TON of editing that needs to completed, the dam…

The Alpha Nanny Cover Shoot (Get Free Pictures of the Photo Shoot!)

Over the past two weeks I’ve been acting like a kid before Christmas. Why? Because I hired a photographer to do a photo shoot for my upcoming novel The Alpha Nanny.

As a self publisher I was at a crossroads. I am an interracial romance writer and one of the promises I made was that I would feature a POC on the cover, and if I could, that person would be in a romantic embrace with another race.

Why do I look for covers like these? Because this tells readers, this is what your going to read. You are going to read a book about a black woman finding love with a white man. Take it or leave it.

Another reason why I look for couples in an embrace is because to me, the couple seems more realistic than just two stock photographed people pasted together. While there’s nothing wrong with this, (I’m going to have to use this style of cover for several of my books) I just like my interracial covers to look like this, both as a reader and writer.

Lastly, a couple in a romantic embrace just sells…

What Cover Should I Use For My Contemporary Romance?

Sorry shirtless men, but the times are changing…

In a recent twitter poll, I asked my follow romance readers, what book cover attracts you to purchase it.

Question to all #RomanceReaders.

What type of covers to you prefer? #amreadingromance#romance#WritingCommuntiy#writerslife#writerpoll#MondayThoughts#polls — Remy Marie (@remymarieauthor) June 17, 2019 In the poll, I’d included four options of either, a shirtless man, a romantic couple, a solo female, or other. Based on the top ten selling novels in the contemporary romance on Amazon, I had a feeling that the results would be mixed, but would favor the shirtless man cliché.

However, based on the results I was dead wrong.

The classic solo male cover is no longer popular as it came in dead last of the polls. With a ranking of fourth, the solo male category was beaten by the third place solo female, the second place other category and the first place romantic couple.

So what cover is the most popular?

Based on the comments, the rom…

16 days Left to Go and Zero Funds Rasied!

Hello Remy Marie Super Fans!

With only 16 days left to go my Indiegogo campaign has not raised one cent! This campaign needs funding because The Alpha Nanny deserves to be published! Remember, that your donation will not go empty handed! With each donation, you will earn a perk. Here is the list of items that you can gain from donating:

For only $2 you can earn a producer's credit in the book. What is a producer's credit? After a reader reads the amazing story of The Alpha Nanny, they will be presented with a produced by section of the book. Here everyone's name who had a part of publishing this book will be recognized for their great work.

For only $7, you can get a free copy of the eBook, plus a producers credit in the book.

For only $27, you will receive a free copy of the eBook, a signed paperback copy, and a producers credit in the book.

For authors, for only $75 I will beta read any manuscript of your choosing at any length.

These are only some of the perks included…

I'm on Booksprout!

As a trial run, I am trying out Booksprout's services to see if they are a good fit for future release. I'm using Jason's Awakening as my test rabbit. I'm hoping to get some bites that turn into great reviews. If things work out, I will be subscribing to their services and using this as a tool for future releases.

If you would like to help review Jason's Awakening and get a free ebook click the link below. Don't delay as I only have 20 open spots.


Guess Who Is Going Wide!

It's official! Jason's Awakening is going wide.! Now you will be able to purchase my first novel from outlets like Barnes and Nobel, iBook's, and Kubo. Click here for the universal link! For those kindle lovers, Jason's Awakening has been lowered to .99 cents. Click Here to buy.

In addition to being sold at these retailers, Jason's Awakening will also be available to read on Wattpad to. Click below to read!

In addition to this good news, I am currently working on getting an audiobook created as well!

To celebrate this great news, I will be giving away one copy of Jason's Awakening. Go to my giveaway page at the top of the screen to enter.

Help Me Publish The Alpha Nanny!

I've started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for The Alpha Nanny. In total, I need $3,700 to pay for editing, beta readers, a book cover and marketing costs. If you would like to see my newest release at it's fullest potential please help me fund it.

Remember that your contributions shouldn't be thought of as a donation, but as an investment. For only two dollars, you could be cemented as a producer in my book.

What does that mean?

Whenever someone picks up my book and reads the produced by section of my book, they will see, YOUR name listed.

In addition, you have a chance to preorder The Alpha Nanny in ebook or paperback.

PLUS, to all of my authors, do you have a book that you want beta read or reviewed? Select the individual perk, to have me assist you with your manuscript.

There are multiple ways for you to help me reach me goal. Please contribute today!

Click Here to Contribute!

The Alpha Nanny Preview Trailer

Have you seen the new trailer for The Alpha Nanny? View it above! Leave a comment if you are excited to read the book!

This month I am planning on creating a Indiegogo campaign for the costs of editing and marketing The Alpha Nanny. I will have different perks for your support including ebooks, paperbacks, and review/ beta reading services. I hope to see you all contributing soon!

Read The Alpha Nanny on Wattpad Today

For the past couple of weeks, I've been uploading my newest novel, The Alpha Nanny onto Wattpad. So far, I've had amazing success, and as of today, (5/22/2019) I've had over 275 reads and 25 votes so far, and had several top rankings including my book being ranked #1 in the finance category. I know its not an important category like romance, billionaire or interracial, but it's better than nothing. I'm posted the link here on my website, if you would like to read it yourself. I plan on updating as much as I can. Chapter 17 is almost completed. It's the hottest one yet. 😉

Taken By A Vampire: Chapters 1 & 2 are live!

Today, I have posted my first two chapters of my draft titled Taken By A Vampire on Wattpad.

Here is the working blurb:

It was a normal hunt for Zane, until he hears the pleas of a young woman being sexually assaulted. Coming to her rescue, he manages to defend her, but finds that she was hit by a stray bullet. With her life slipping away, he made a decision that changed both of their lives. By changing her, he is now to bonded to her for life. The only problem is that he knows nothing about her, nor does she.

If you wish to read the first two chapters, please click the link below:

I'm on Wattpad/ New Short Story

I've joined Wattpad!

Please follow me if you when get a chance. My new process is to publish the Moonhunters series here because I'm planning on going wide with the series. This includes Jason's Awakening once it ends it's current KDP cycle, ending in June. For my non-indie authors that means I'm taking it off Kindle Unlimited. So this will be the last time you are able to read this story from this platform. It will still be available to download from Amazon, you just won't be able to use Kindle Unlimited with it any more.

To celebrate being on Wattpad, I've added my first story. See below for the link!

Contest to Win Free Signed Books

A good friend/ reviewer / blogger is having a giveaway including signed copies of books as prizes. The rules are simple, make a comment on her page and follow her on twitter. As an author, I will be offering a signed copy of Jason's Awakening and Never Have I Ever. Hurry now, because the contest ends on April 12th!


New Release March 8th: Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a brand new novella written by me. It is a contemporary romance/ new adult romance/ interracial romance. This is a short story, that was actually one of my quickest drafts. It took me only one week to write this, so I was really impressed on what I wrote. I hope that you will enjoy it too.
Remy Marie
Here is the book blurb:
Never Have I Ever…

How can a simple game be so complex?

Never Have I Ever, is a simple drinking game played with a group of people. In the game the players raise a set of fingers and say a truth about their life experiences they have never experienced before. Such as never have ever I gone skiing, been to Hawaii, or been arrested. If another player has experienced this event, they place a finger down, and take a sip of their drink. The game continues until one of the players places all their fingers down.
This is the game two Westcliff University students played together. Christina Dennis and Carlos Mendez thought they were going to be playing a …